Tummy Sculpting is a body treatment that lifts muscles, rejuvenates the skin and restores skins youthful appearance. By combining micro-amperage with Nano-technology we now can offer to you a healthy alternative to anti-aging.  Tummy Sculpting a body treatment tightens the stomach, builds skin and muscle tissue, oxygenates and detoxifies skin that has been compromised by aging or childbirth.

Giving birth is an amazing experience but the body has to undergo changes for that to happen.  During this transition when the tummy tries to go back to its original form the skin can be left with sagging, loss of elasticity and stretch marks. Tummy Sculpting a body treatment helps you get back to the tummy you had before.

Results vary with each individual and expectations will be discussed with you and your Aesthetician.

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Recommended treatment is once a week for six weeks.