Chemical Peel

Chemical Peels can be used for uneven skin tone, blotchy skin, discoloration or acne scarring. At home treatments failing to give you the results you truly desire? Of course they are! In order to receive results, you must use a product strong enough to penetrate beyond the skin’s surface you can NOT purchase a peel or product over the counter that can give your those results.  Over the counter products are made to last for a day or two, but in order to see real results, you must go deeper. This can only be done by a professional at The Skin and Wellness Center.  Chemical Peels include Glycolic Acid, Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA), or a combination of Glycolic and Salicylic Acids. The Skin and Wellness Center chemical peel options are designed to treat all types of skin damage and aging skin.

Treat Yourself

If the surface layers of your skin are damaged, wrinkled, or discolored, a chemical peel from The Skin and Wellness Center may be just what you need to get your skin back on track. Our chemical peels work to improve the appearance of uneven or scarred skin, while caring for each patient’s comfort and safety. Enhancing your skin doesn’t have to be a long, drawn-out procedure, many of our peels are designed to produce results after the first session.

It’s time to look and feel your best with a chemical peel from The Skin and Wellness Center.

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Skin Types

Sensitive skin, rosacea and acne prone skin types.

Not all chemical peels are the same, call the Skin and Wellness Center to discuss what treatment is best for you!