Eyebrow and Eyelash Extensions

Eyebrow Extensions or eyelash extensions are a ground breaking new service that give woman  great looking eyes.  An area important to defining the face, eyebrow and eyelash extensions  can achieve a young looking appearance by the look of fuller and shaped brows and lashes.

Maybe you just have a bald spot in the eyebrow or eyelash and need a fill.

Come to The Skin and Wellness Center and achieve great results with a licensed and trained Aesthetician certified in  Lash Extensions

A common problem many women experience is  thinning of eyebrows due to over waxing, tweezing, aging and medical conditions. Now there is a beautiful solution for an every day look or maybe just to have for that Big day or event in your life.

Schedule your free consult today and see your eyes transform to a brighter more fuller looking eye!