Most importantly is after care for incision sites with Cosmetic Surgery. The skin incisions should be washed with Trust-Gentle cleanser once a day starting three days after surgery. This should be done by gentle circular motions to remove any dried blood, an important part of the healing process.  This will  allow the nurse or medical assistant to see if any sutures were missed during the removal process. It also allows the incision to heal clean and precise.

It is very important that you are not afraid to touch the area. Avoidance of the site can cause for poorly healed incisions not allowing you to achieve your best results.

So often  aftercare with cosmetic surgery is not communicated well and results are not the best they can be after the procedure even when you have researched and had the Best surgeon.

I have worked in Plastic Surgery for over 15 years, I can not express enough the importance of aftercare. I have many referrals that you can obtain of my expertise and how I prevented many unfortunate outcomes. Proper aftercare and products are very important.  Do not invest all the time and money to finish with poor results.

Schedule your appointment today for pre and post aftercare before scheduling your surgery. Also available is in home aftercare. Call the center to find out all the details at 732-324-6506.

Recent or Approaching Plastic Surgery and Nervous About The Healing Process?

KimAnn Macnish at The Skin and Wellness Center specializes in pre and post-surgery -care. Need to speak with a professional who knows what to expect and how to care properly for your skin, then schedule an appointment today. Too often a great face lift suffers because the after care was not done properly or the attending nurse just missed the important fine details.

After surgery, you will need to know how to care for your skin whether your surgery is a Face-Lift, Blepharoplasty, or Abdominal Lift or any other wound that you have acquired.

Wound Care is a crucial part of how your surgery results will look after healing. So often after surgery we are afraid to touch, clean, or care for the  effected area.

At the Skin and Wellness Center, KimAnn will help you navigate this process so that you get the results you desired from your surgery.