About the SNWC

The Skin and Wellness Center is a New Jersey medical spa offering a wide range of health and beauty services for  skin and acne.  We proudly offer Face Sculpting, the Natural Face-Lift, known in Hollywood for helping movie stars to achieve that special look. Other services include chemical peels, skin resurfacing treatments, therapeutic massage, and nutritional consultation. Our focus is complete body wellness. Our team of highly experienced, dedicated professionals strives to help you achieve your unique set of goals.

The Center is founded on the importance of educating clients on taking care of their skin. For Brides-to-be, this means coming for regular treatments to achieve a  healthy glow for your wedding day and beyond. Inquire about bringing in your bridal party, mother of the bride and groom and any others for a day of special treatment

We take a comprehensive approach in serving our clients’ needs by offering a full spectrum of packages, designed to work with your budget. You will appreciate our dedication to provide quality care as well as our commitment to excellent customer service.

Schedule a consultation today and meet with one of our highly dedicated and experience staff. call 732.324.6506. We look forward to meeting with you.