Thomas A. Mantos, N.C.

Clinical Nutritionist

Since 1983, Tom has worked only with medical doctors interested in a holistic and integrative approach to health. He has written numerous articles for newspapers and magazines, lectured at local colleges, given seminars at hospitals and support groups, spoken on radio, and appeared on television. Tom has helped thousands of people achieve better health and well-being. In his words, “I feel really blessed that every day I can do what is my passion, which is working with people and helping them improve their health”. His interest in nutrition began as a way to enhance performance and increase strength and size. His studies incorporated this as a means to prevent illness and improve overall health.


  • Customized wellness programs
  • Bio-nutritional testing
  • Metabolic clearing-detoxification
  • Dietary therapy-supplementation
  • Herbal remedies
  • Homeopathic educator
  • Exercise physiology
  • Weight control
  • Behavior modification
  • Sports research nutrition

The Skin and Wellness Center is excited that Tom Mantos is a part of our team. To schedule a free consultation call the Center at 732-324-6506.